Aviation Service

Customization of Aircraft Interiors to Customer Specifications

Nakanihon can modify aircraft interiors to accommodate specialized equipment for such uses as television broadcasting, emergency medical services,and laser measuring,for example.We are well versed in the certification process regarding aircraft alterations and modifications, and have wide ranging experience in navigating through the procedures and requirements of the JCAB engineers and regulators.

Aviation Service

Highly Skilled Personnel Ensure Your Aircraft’s Safety by Utilizing the Latest Technology

Nakanihon Air Service partners with manufactures in order to provide cutting edge security technology, and to offer current manufacture’s maintenance support programs.Nakanihon is approved as an authorized service center for Agusta Westland, Bell Helicopter, and Eurocopter, and provides maintenance for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism,among others.Nakanihon is proud to be contracted by many government flight departments in order to provide overhaul, repair and alteration services on their fleet.

Maintenance support model

・Agusta Westland AW139 type
・Agusta Westland AW109 type
・Airbus helicopter EC135 type
・Bell helicopter Bell206 type
・Bell helicopter Bell407 type
・Bell helicopter Bell412 type
・Bell helicopter Bell427 type
・Bell helicopter Bell429 type
・Bell helicopter Bell430 type

Aviation Service

Easy Access to Inaccessible Locations

Heticopters enable the rapid transportation of passengers and cargo to remote locations without concern for terrain or road limitations.Every day,our helicopters are the preferred aviation tool for such varied uses as power and media tower construction,erosion and flood control projects,forestation programs,logging,emergency transportation during disaster relief,and more.Our helicopters also contribute to environment conservation through aerial seed dispersal and fertilizer applications on land laid barren by earthquakes,typhoons and volcanos.

Aviation Service

Aerial Photography and Broadcasting Video Capabilities

Electronic news gathering activities using helicopters are essential tools for the mass media. Nakanihon operates 12 TV helicopters under an exclusive contracts with various media outlets throughout Japan. In addition, our helicopters are equipped with cutting edge cameras providing our clients with access to aerial video and still photography in support of TV programming, commercials production, film making and data imagery.