About Us


We, NAKANIHON AIR Co., Ltd ("Nakanihon"), sets forth the following Privacy Policy in handling customers’ personal information.
From time to time Nakanihon will review the policy, and where appropriate will make any necessary adjustments.  

1. Nakanihon strictly conforms to the Protection of Personal Information Act and all relevant laws in accordance with all governmental regulatory guidelines.  
Nakanihon has created a Personal Data Protection Manual which is strictly adhered to by all personnel, and is constantly updated to reflect the latest improvements of our personal data protection management system.

2. As communicated to the customer, Nakanihon makes every effort to safeguard personal data by utilizing it for its intended use only.  
As such, no personal data is ever disclosed or otherwise provided to third parties without consent of the customer.

3. In order to prevent issues with data leaks, fraud, loss, damage and general risks as a result of computer program hacking, Nakanihon will continuously monitor and update their computer safeguards and firewalls along with providing all personnel with clear instructions and in depth training on how to treat personal data.

4. Nakanihon has established a “rapid response” protocol in order to address both internal and external inquiries or concerns regarding personal data storage.

Established: June 1, 2008
Revised: January 1, 2020

Hajime Futagami
President and CEO