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Greetings from the President

Please let me express my heartfelt appreciation for your continued support of Nakanihon Air Service. 2014 saw our 61st year of operation at the Nagoya Airport ( now known as Aichi Prefectural Nagoya Airport ).

In May 1953, Nakanihon started its aviation services with only two small Cessna single engine piston aircraft, and is now operating 61 helicopters and 12 fixed wing aircraft (including three business jets). Located throughout most of Japan, we support 22 business branches, 10 operational bases, 12 emergency helicopter bases for Medivac (called “Doctor Heli”), and 6 bases dedicated to search and rescue missions coordinated by local governments.

Our missions comprise helicopter emergency medical services, organ donor transportation, aerial surveys, electronic news gathering, search and rescue, coastal surveillance, third party maintenance services, on-demand charter services and ground handling for transient business jets. As you can see, Nakanihon covers a broad range of aviation related activities useful for industrial, governmental, health, media purposes.

With this in mind, we created our slogan “ ALL@SKY,” which we use to emphasize our “all-encompassing range of activities related to the sky”. It is our sincerest desire to continue being of service to the society by maintaining our position as a leading operator in all our aviation activities.

Without question, we can only accomplish our goal by maintaining the highest level of safety awareness. We have allocated considerable resources in creating a department solely dedicated to the enhancement of safety issues. We are using the most modern methods developed through the Safety Management System (SMS), with the intention of scaling up procedures to include not just aviation related activities but for our entire staff.

In order to achieve our goal, we will continue to conduct our aviation services embracing the following mottos.
1. “Safety First” over all other considerations.
2. “Maintain Discipline” in adhering to our stated rules and regulations.
3. “Safety Re-evaluation” on a continuing basis.
4. “Accurate Transmission” of collected information to all appropriate parties.

Nakanihon is committed to doing our utmost in providing superior services, and will always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support. Thank you.