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Top Message

Thank you for your continued support of NAKANIHON AIR. Our company, which started with two small Cessna aircraft in Aichi Prefecture in May 1953, will celebrate its 69th year in May 2022.
As of April 2022, NAKANIHON AIR currently owns sixty-one helicopters and seven fixed-wing aircraft. We are expanding nationwide with twenty-two branches and sales offices located throughout the country, nine operations bases extending from Sapporo to Ishigaki Island, fifteen EMS (Emergency Medical Services) operations bases under the ‘Doctor Heli’ air ambulance program, and eight national and prefectural disaster relief helicopter operations bases. From 2017, we commenced Japan's first ever EMS dedicated fixed-wing project ‘Medical Wing’ with operations conducted mainly in the Hokkaido region.
Last year (2021), NAKANIHON AIR completed a full-scale "Headquarters Function Renovation Project" on our headquarters based in Nagoya Airport which had been internally promoted since 2014 as an investment for transformation to the future.

NAKANIHON AIR will continue to carry the “ALL@SKY” slogan for our diverse aerial operations, including but not limited to emergency responses to disasters such as EMS (Doctor Heli), organ transplant air transportation, electronic news gathering, aerial surveys, drone operations, and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) services. We will take on the challenge of providing “any and all type of work in the sky” in a wider variety of ways than ever before. Toward a safe and secure society that will become increasingly important in the future, we would like to further contribute from the sky through emergency transportation and disaster relief operations.
Needless to say, safety is the basis for performing such tasks. Only safe operations can make this all happen. NAKANIHON AIR is working to strengthen and enhance our Safety Management System (SMS), led by the Safety Promotion Office which is directly under the supervision of our President and is working together with our operations to make improvements on a daily basis to build an effective SMS.
On April 1, 2021, we newly opened the Safety Innovation Hall (commonly referred to as the ‘SI Hall’), a safety education facility where each employee can look back on the past with respect to safety and reconsider what the future should look like. We will strive to further foster a safety culture with the SI Hall as a starting point.

In NAKANIHON AIR, we have established the following ‘Safety Policies’:

[Safety Policies]
1.    To ensure safety is the foundation of our business activities and is given the highest priority.
2.    To carry out our business activities according to the established rules.
3.    To work on continuous improvement of safety.
4.    To collect, convey, and share accurate information.

In 2022, the following ‘Safety Targets’ will be set and all NAKANIHON AIR officers and employees will work together to promote the improvement of safety awareness based on the above ‘Safety Policies’.

[2022 Safety Targets]
1.    Zero aviation accidents and serious incidents.
2.    Development of human resources and internal systems to cultivate a safety culture.
3.    Creating a safe organization that is resistant to disasters.

NAKANIHON AIR will continue to strive to be a company that can contribute to society on a daily basis under safe operations, and we look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future.

Hajime Futagami